About the Library

Library Staff

Mr. Castellanos is the new Maryland Library Media Specialist. He would like to help you find a book that is just right for you or help you access any of the library resources.

Library Hours

Monday through Friday 7:35a-2:45p

Our Library's Purpose

The purpose of a school library is to support our students' education as lifelong learners and readers by putting resources in the hands of students encouraging students to read, teaching students the skills necessary to evaluate information, and encouraging student responsibility.

Guidelines and Expectations

It is expected that students will adhere to the library expectations, which are:

1. Respect others and library resources

2. Be quiet; running is prohibited

3. Appropriate library uses--studying, reading, looking for items to check out

4. Computers are for school-related work

5. Food, drink, gum, etc. are prohibited

Checkout Limits: Kindergarten-1st grade =1 book; 2nd grade=2books; 3rd-8th grade =3books

Loan Periods: Kindergarten-6th grade=1 6-day cycle; Grades 7 & 8=2 weeks