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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Staff NameAreaEmail AddressWebsite
Staff NameAreaEmail AddressWebsite
Adams, Elizabeth Art  
Alberta, Mel 8th Reading/L A  
Ascencio, Tania Head Start  
Boyer, Molly Program Coach  
Carr, DD Assistant Principal  
Castellanos, Alex Library Technician  
Castellanos, Alex Library  
Catherine Smith Health Tech  
Christiansen, Stephanie 2nd Grade  
Clauson-Smith, Barbara 4th Grade  
Conrad, Tracy 7th-8th Social Studies Mrs. Conrad's Website 
Davis, Heather Project Potential Mrs. Davis's Website 
Deane, Jerilyn SEI/SC 6th Grade   
Decker, Erin Office Manager  
Eddy, Susan 6th Grade Reading / Social Studies  
Ellsworth, Laura LD Resource 3-5  
Evans, Yvette BSA  
Federico, Christina ELL Testing  
Ferrell, Angela Speech  
Frost, Jerry 3rd Grade Mr. Frost's Website 
Garcia Morales, Karla Office Tech  
Gregg, Sirena 7/8 Science  
Gupton, Nick Principal  
Harnois-Perkins, Theresa Preschool  
Harris, Barbara Kindergarten  
Haugen, Rg Psychologist  
Hayes, Lisa 1st grade  
Hill, Jessica 7th grade Math  
Jaworski, Jonathan P.E.  
Jones, Christa Speech  
Julian, Jadah CCK Kindergarden  
Kaupa, Caroline Music  
Keller, Gina 3rd Grade Ms. Keller's Website 
Kittredge, Maryanna Resource K-2 Grades  
Kraushaar, Kalia 4th Grade Ms. Kraushaar's Website 
Lennon, Ashley 3rd Grade   
Lightfoot, Rachel SEI 2nd Grade  
Marmolejo, Luz SEI 5th Grade  
Medor, Carissa 2nd Grade  
Milligan, Sarah 5th Grade Ms. Milligan's Website 
Mondotte, Ashlee 3rd Grade  
Nelson, Jerri 6th Grade Math/ Science.  
Pompa, Mathew LD Resource 6-8  
Ramirez, Iliana Office Technician  
Rowan, Jaenelle Program Coach  
Ryan, Jamie 7th Language  
Shinsky, Leon P.E. Mr. Shinsky's Website 
Singh, Gurdeep 5th Grade Mrs. Singh's Website 
Slusher, Donald Facilities Manager  
Smith, Antonio 8th Math  
Smith, Natalie 4th Grade SEI Mrs. Lavin's Website 
Snowden, Adam Music/Band  
Souza, Lauren Social Worker  
Stansberry, Kathleen Speech (SNPS/CCK)  
Starke, Katherine "Julie" K-3 Literacy Center    
Stephanie Haro Office Tech  
Stormer, Evan 1st Grade  
Studey, Kate 4th Grade Mrs. Studey's Website 
Thompson, Jessica 1st Grade Ms. Thompson's Website 
Thorlin, Sara Kindergarden  
Turchetta, Jenine ELL Testing  
Turner, Chanel Kindergarten  
Uhl, Joanne 7/8 SEI  
VanDyke, Christine Kindergarten  
Villa-Sanchez, Britney Social Worker  
Vinersar, Elizabeth Strings and General Music Ms. Vinersar's Website 
Wester, Melinda 1st Grade  
Willard, Tarney Art  
Wittenwyler, Wendy Reading Specialist  
Wright, Jessica Social Worker  
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